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Who we are

We are two English families who, with our five children, have come together to form The Yak Pack Theatre Project. With a trunk of props and a backpack of costumes, we will all perform in the specially written play ‘Jambhala’. With over 25 years experience making theatre for and with young people, we will bring a direct and inspiring learning experience that will stay with the children of Spiti for many years to come.

Direct Theatre






Direct Theatre is a drama school for young people aged 4 to 18 years. We introduce children to drama, give them an opportunity to develop acting skills and provide exciting opportunities for them to perform in large scale theatres. Our Youth Theatre produces over ten original productions each year with over 100 young people taking part. Run by husband and wife team Peter and Juliette Malan for the last 15 years, who have both worked as professional actors and teach drama in local schools.

For the Yak Pack Theatre Project, they are joined by their three boys, Alfred (15) Benedict (11) and Frederick (8) who have all regularly performed in plays from an early age and are looking forward to riding on Yaks!

Treehouse Theatre






Ben and Louisa Lindsey-Clark have run Treehouse Theatre for the past 12 years. We are a Theatre-in-Education company, specializing in interactive theatre which blurs the lines between actor and audience. We use the powerful tool of drama to teach history and literacy skills to children in both mainstream and special needs schools. Bens experience as a qualified teacher underpins our work.


For the Yak Pack Theatre Project, Oliver (13)  and Izzy (8) will join the crew. Both were part of the 2015 Theatre Project to Munsel-Ling school, and are looking forward to seeing their Spitian friends again.

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