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Springbourne Christian Centre

Springbourne Christian Centre are sponsoring our performance in Langza Village. Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Project.

This is Langza Village. To the left you can see the gold of a huge Buddha statue, higher than all the houses in the village

Langza, like most of the Himalayas, used to be under an ancient sea, the Sea of Tethys. Over time, plate movement pushed the seabed up and up, and formed the Himalayas.

A legacy of this underwater past remains however, and fossilised Cephalopoda (squid etc) can be found all over Spiti, and especially in Langza village.Village children search eagerly for them, and sell them enthusiastically to passerby for pocket money. I'm sure children in Lyme Regis or Charmouth could relate well to this - Spiti isn't a million miles from Dorset after all...

Fossils from Langza (photo credit

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