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UK Performance 1 - just brilliant!


Thank you so much to everyone who came along to our first show, laughed clapped and blew torrential gales, ate delicious cakes, bought raffle tickets, blew bubbles in the garden, and generally made our first proper public show an enormous success.

We absolutely loved performing for you all, and sharing a taste of what we are bringing to the Himalayas.

This performance was our first audience Q&A for us too. Thank you for your well considered and insightful questions - we really enjoyed chatting about the project and sharing thoughts with you. If you have any other questions which we didn't answer, feel free to message us!

During the Q&A you might have noticed Yak Packs Alfie in the garden blowing bubbles with the audience children. We hope this will be a good approach when we are performing in villages - our children and the village children can put a bucket of bubble mix to good use, whilst we use the time to meet and chat to the local teachers about the performance, and how theatre (ours, or anyone elses) can be used in education.

Thank you so much to St Josephs Church for hosting another of our events! They have been staunch supporters of the Yak Pack, and we really couldn't have done this without them. A special thanks to Anne-Marie Bridle and her team of of volunteers who whipped up tea and coffee after the show, and presented us with a beautiful array of mouth-watering cakes. Anne-Marie was also responsible for those gorgeous raffle prizes - thank you!

Thank you also to our volunteers, helping us to make the afternoon run so smoothly and making it all tick behind the scenes - Janni, Susannah, Katie and her family, Robyn and her family - selling raffle tickets, setting out chairs, manning the box office, and clearing up afterwards.

With this successful weekend behind us, it feels like the show is well and truly on the road. Stand by Christchurch Infants and Lighthouse Poole!

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