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Performance at Lighthouse Poole raises £72

Thank you to all who came to our last UK performance of Jambhala a couple of weeks ago. Staged in the intimate Sherling Studio at Lighthouse Poole, this was probably the only time ‘Jambhala’ will be performed in a proper theatre.

As we were setting up, we took a moment to savour the peace and solitude of the little theatre space, appreciating that this was probably the last time we will set up for the show without a crowd to watch us doing so. It will be fun to see how our set up and pack down evolves over time, inevitably becoming part of the theatrical experience for the audience.

The performance raised £72 for the Project – thank you to Lighthouse Poole for donating the space for us, and also managing the box office. More than just a fund raising opportunity, it has meant a lot to us to have the support and encouragement of such a prestigious local venue.

We are just a tiny bit off our fundraising target now, which is just amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who has shared the journey with us this past year, and has supported us with donations, advice, encouragement and time. You have made the Yak Pack happen, and there will be hundreds of happy children in Spiti this summer because you have got involved.

The set, props and costumes have now been divided between 9 backpacks and we are ready for the off! Our portable costume rails have arrived (via amazon India!) at a friends house in Chandigagh ready for us to collect on our way up to the mountains. The same friends have also taken delivery of a slightly bizarre array of bubble mix ingredients so that we don’t have to fly with washing up liquid and various white powders (guar gum and baking soda in case you were wondering!).

Once we get to our first stage acclimatisation stop – Manali – we’ll be buying the rest of the bulky props – a drum, saris for the backdrops, a selection of long sticks and a few other bits and bobs.

With love from The Yak Pack x

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