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Rehearsals begin!

With only 4 weeks to go till we head for the Himalayas, rehearsals have begun in earnest.

We started with a weekend in Devon with our choreographer Sammy - she soon had us counting steps, concentrating on hand movements and moving together in boy band style!

We've also been practicing our upcycling/prop-making workshops which will run alongside performances. We'll be litter-picking on trekking routes and around villages during our time in Spiti - sadly the problem of plastic pollution is a global one, and only exacerbated by tourism, as we in Bournemouth know only too well. The litter we collect will be made into props for the show with the help of schoolchildren. The workshops also include learning a dance or a small part so that you can perform in the show with us. We'll also be reading books aloud to children, and donating books to libraries and book corners in village schools.

This is our cast photo for ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, credit to Caine Stanton

Please join us on 25th & 26th June to see the show and join in the workshops, just as people in Spiti will experience it - this is also a part of our rehearsal process as we need an audience to practice an interactive show!

Thanks to the generosity of Black Cherry and the Red House, all the ticket money goes towards enabling remote Himalayan communities to have the same experience as YOU! Sat 25th June - The Red House Museum, Christchurch Sun 26th June - Black Cherry, Boscombe 1pm - workshops 3pm - performance £5 performance only £8 performance + workshops

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