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Tea for twenty

We had a most delightful afternoon on Sunday, entertained by the wonderful Dan Abel whilst eating a cream tea in fantastic company.

We raised £195! WOW! Thats going to make a huge difference to our fundraising, and brings us so so close to hitting the goal. We leave next week, so its really the last hurrah now, and every penny counts. Our children are so lucky to have awesome experiences in school - just a few weeks ago Izzy saw a play in German at her school - we just take that kind of thing for granted, yet it makes a huge difference to how children learn, how they feel about school, how teachers teach, and the importance of creativity and enriching activities in the curriculum.

We are very blessed to have the opportunity to share this with children in Spiti. Scones and cream and tunes....turned into theatre and books and crafts and more songs (though not quite such eclectic ones!).

Linda hosted the event in her conservatory, built by the previous owner as a venue for musical soirees just like ours. He was a harpsichord maker, and back then there were 2 set up in the conservatory, and a pipe organ on the stage! The acoustics are lovely, and the space just the right size for the occasion.

The cream tea and raffle prizes were donated by our wonderfully supportive local shops - Tesco Express, Sainsburys, Co-Op and One-Stop in Southbourne, plus glorious fresh strawberries and raspberries from TD Fruits.

Throughout the past 3 years, these local shops have been so supportive of our fundraising events, its made such a difference. We've been able to make the most of every occasion - and that's really mattered when we have had to cancel so many of the planned events.

Dans music was a perfect fit for the afternoon, very much enjoyed by everyone.

A huge thank you to Dan who came from Bristol just to play for us.

Check him out on SOUNDCLOUD and TWITTER

Thank you Dan!

There were a lot of friends there on Sunday. Thank you, all of you, for your support of the Yak Pack - not just on Sunday but so many other times too in the past few years. We really really appreciate it. Thank you for coming and making it a really special afternoon.

Please do subscribe to this blog to get updates from India. We'll do our best to upload news though the internet is very patchy, and in 2018 we relied on the wonderful Poll to patch together updates from garbled whatsapp messages, and post them on facebook for us. So maybe follow us there too just in case!

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