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The Big Swish Clothes swap raised £222!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Big Swish last weekend!

We swapped, chatted, ate Linda’s amazing cakes, drank tea, and browsed the rails some more.

A special thanks to Helen, Julia and Linda without whom not just this Big Swish, but the previous ones too, would have descended into chaos!

We raised a grand total of £222 - a magnificent total!

Clothes left at the end have been donated to The Footprints Project Hampshire & Dorset and The Dorset Children's Foundation.

A huge thanks to Immanuel Church who have been incredibly supportive of all 4 of our Big Swish events.

We've been so blessed with a great team of volunteers who have hung clothes, made tea and cakes, tidied the rails, set up displays and made everything tick along beautifully - thank you all!

And thanks to The Honesty Jar for the long term loan of rails and hangers, which we're returning now just in time for festival season!

Thank you all! The Yak Pack

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