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The Red House Museum

Little Red Riding Hood and the Dinosaurs!

Performing in the Red House Museum gardens is always fun, as we set up our stage alongside the Triceratops Family, with the odd T-Rex looking on!

There's always interesting events and exhibitions going on here, in this lovely little Museum right in the heart of Christchurch. WEBSITE HERE

We are absolutely delighted to be sharing 'Little Red Riding Hood' with you all in the beautiful gardens at the Red House Museum.

This is an important show for us because everything will be outside. With Covid still a feature of our world, and times ahead still uncertain, its really important that we get to practice our show and all the workshops outside, just in case we need to do so in Spiti. Some of the village halls we performed in last time were TINY - the picture is of Langza village hall which we are returning to - and the villagers may well decide that its safer to have our show outside.

The set and costume design for this show has been interesting in itself - these are the parameters:

- Flexible and scalable from a tiny tiny dark hall to an enormous school hall

- transportable by donkey when in Spiti

- no flappy things to scare the yaks

- back pack sized for travel to India

- weatherproof, windproof, suitable for outside as well as inside

- All the costumes have to fit in our back packs too...

- And the props....

- Oh, and and all the books.....

Come along and what we came up with!

Join us, and the dinosaurs, at the Red House museum on Saturday 25th June, for a performance of 'Little Red Riding Hood' ! Every penny of the ticket sales goes to the Yak Pack - that means every person who comes along is enabling a child in India to have the same experience as them. Which is exactly what this project is all about!

We're also going to be running our Yak Pack Workshops at The Red House. For an hour you can join in with creating props for the show using recycled rubbish. You can have a part in the show too if you like, and we definitely need some dancers to learn a routine! We'll even teach you Himalayan Circle dancing, just as its done in Spiti. And if thats all a bit too energetic, you can curl up in our book corner and let a Yak Pack member read you a story - just as we'll be doing with youngsters in India too.

In Spiti, these workshops will be shared with school children and villagers before the show, to allow as many people as possible to join in with performances and get the most out of our visits. We'll also be donating books to the libraries and book corners wherever we go. You can bring donated books to our events - please read WE NEED BOOKS so you know what we can take - thank you!

BOOK HERE for our workshops and performance at The Red House!

1pm - Workshops - £5

3pm - Performance - £5

£8 both

The Red House Museum cafe will be open too, coffee and ice-cream on offer!

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